In ViTRO Research

Consumables for MEASSuRE

Stretchable Microelectrode Array (sMEA)

  • 28 microelectrodes and 2 reference electrodes

  • recording and stimulation

  • elastically stretchable (silicone substrates)

  • soft

stretchable Microelectrode Array (sMEA)

stretch-Well (sW)

  • no electrodes

  • elastically stretchable

  • soft

strech-Well (sW)

Micro-Electrode Array (MEA)

  • 60 microelectrodes

  • recording and stimulation

  • rigid (glass substrates)

  • hard

Microelectrode Array (MEA)

In Vivo Brain Research

Soft and compliant electrodes for electrocorticography (ECoG) in brain research applications

ECoG electrode array


Pedestal to securely mount the ECoG on the skull without hurting the animal.

In Vivo Peripheral Nerve Research

Soft and compliant electrodes for interfaces with the peripheral nervous system (PNS) - Currently under Development