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Micro Electrode Array Stretching Stimulating und Recording Equipment

MEASSuRE enables investigatators to reproducibly and reliably study the effects of physiological and pathological mechanical stretch on the electrophysiology of biological tissue. MEASSuRE integrates three distinct methods into one system: (1) a cell stretching device, (2) a data acquisition system for electrophysiolgy, and (3) a live cell imaging system. THREE METHODS IN ONE SYSTEM.

The Models of MEASSuRE

Capabilities of MEASSuRE

MEASSuRE is a complete solution for researchers to stretch cells/tissue mechanically, image them optically, and record/stimulate electrophysiological activity, separately or concurrently. 


  • radial, uniaxial

  • custom strain fields

  • one fast impulse stretch or cyclical stretch

  • up to 50% strain

  • at strain rates of up to 80/s

  • any stretch pattern

  • high reproducibility


  • before, during and after stretching

  • up to 2,000 frames per second at 2MP resolution

  • custom, easy-to-use software to independently measure the tissue strain


  • electrodes stretch with the cells/tissue

  • recording/stimulation before, during, and after stretching

  • comparison of pre and post stretch electrophysiological activity (normalization)

  • soft MEAs on elastomeric silicone substrates

  • standard MEAs on rigid substrates available