Pathological stretch of cells in vitro

Cells are stretched beyond their healthy limits, causing a trauma.


Neurotrauma Research and Treatments
MEASSuRE allows to reproduce reliably and repeatedly the biomechanics of traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury in a controlled environment.  Changes in the electrophysiology of the injured neurons can be assessed in a straightforward manner with the embedded microelectrodes by comparing the post-injury electrophysiology to pre-injury level. The effectiveness of drugs or other treatment strategies to minimize the damage after injury cantherefore be readily assessed.

Concussion research
MEASSuRE will allow researchers and physicians to develop improved concussion protocols that are based on the electrophysiology of the underlying injury rather than cognitive tests. 

Muscle Injury Research and Treatments
MEASSuRE will allow the investigation of the mechanism of those muscle injuries that are caused by excessive tension or compression, and the evaluation of drugs to speed up recovery.