Overview of Technology

Properties of BMSEED’s electrodes:

  • Flexible, Stretchable and Soft

  • Recording and Stimulation of Electrophysiological Activity

  • Mechanically robust: stretch, bend, twist

stretching electrodes.jpg

Microcracked gold films offer a combination of desirable properties:

  • low electrical impedance

  • elastically stretchable

  • low elastic modulus

  • low fatigue

  • inexpensive

03 redo copy.png

Electron Microscopy Image of a Microcracked Gold Film

BMSEED has an exclusive license for all applications (US Patent 7,491,892)

Why is it important that the gold film is microcracked?

Microcracked gold film On PDMS

04 redo copy 3.png

Microcracked gold films can be stretched by over 70% while remaining electrically conducting

Smooth (no features) gold film on PDMS

Smooth gold films rupture at strains less than 2% and cease to electrically conduct.


Controlling the morphology is therefore very important. To control the morphology of the gold film requires knowledge of the process parameters that affect the morphology:

• elastic modulus
• pre-treatment of the silicone
• film thickness
• deposition temperature
• adhesion layer

See our references for more information.